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Intuitive music & healing wellness experience

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“A transformative & healing
experience for everybody”


Dust of Soul developed «Music Souling» in order to use the positive power of music to help people to believe in themselves and find their life’s purpose.

Heart vibration

Increase the frequency of your heart vibration

The vibration of the heart has a special quality that allows you to experience the presence of a guiding force. Music unlocks this positive power in your heart and hear your inner voice.

Mental health

Strengthen your mental focus to reach your goals

Music positively affects mental health and supports our mental well-being. Music Souling actively engage with your soul to create a sense of purpose and meaning that helps to deal with challenging life situations.


Activate your motivation for your daily life

Motivation is needed to achieve goals and overcome any obstacles. Music makes your cells vibrate and give you direct access to your own positive power and motivation.

“Music Souling” is a unique music workshop designed to assist artists, performers, entrepreneurs, and individuals in advancing and succeeding in their careers.

“Music Souling” is an innovative approach to “mental training through music”, featuring original songs that provide a boost of positive energy to both personal and professional life.

“Dust of Soul”

Dust of Soul are POSITIVE MUSIC POWER – the internationally renowned music duo that combines an distinctive strong, unique voice and an intuitive, powerful piano.

With her powerful lyrics Dusty has an uplifting effect on the audience and motivates them to find inner strength and transform their lives into positive ones.

Saskia Stäuble, “Dusty”, is a Swiss singer, songwriter, composer and motivational coach. She is the first singer and motivational coach to combine both art forms to create a positive impact through music.

Dusty is the first singer and motivational coach in one.

MiKey’s piano-playing is often described as expressive and emotional. He has a gift for creating intuitive arrangements in the moment.

Michael Odermatt, “MiKey”, is a Swiss pianist, composer and music producer. He is known for his purely intuitive expression on the piano and his ability to capture the essence of energy and translate it to music.

MiKey is known for his purely intuitive expression on the piano.

Next event in Los Angeles

Music Souling Experience @ Zula Den in Los Angeles

February 18th, 2024 | 3:00-5:00 PM
Making the soul HEARable and receiving messages through intuitive music channeling in a music souling

How can we transform “feeling lost” into “believing in yourself”? Where does our faith come from and how can we strengthen its core vibration?

Dust of Soul created “Music Souling” to activate your courage to believe in yourself.

Dust of Soul will start the event with a group reading. Then you are guided through a three-step healing process of “trusting yourself”, “finding courage”, and “believing in ourselves”. The piano is tuned on the 432 Hertz healing frequency and both singer Dusty and pianist MiKey are guided in their music performance from their intuition. At the end you will work with a chakra balancing technique based on the music. 

What to expect:

  • A relaxing “Music Breathing” where we inhale different frequencies played with the piano to re-align and ground ourselves.
  • An “Intuitive Music Reading” channeling with the group to connect you to your soul and feel its power.
  • A “Music Souling” to receive your soul’s messages and powerful insights for your next steps.
  • A “Chakra Balancing” to support and assist you in your daily life with powerful tools.


Zula Den, 4011 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA

(Get directions)


Part 1

Music breathing

At the beginning of the program, the goal is to help everyone relax. Pianist Michael Odermatt, known professionally as “MiKey”, (pianist of “Dust of Soul”) begins to play the piano intuitively and gently. His compositions are created in the moment, guided by his perception of everyone present and the space. Singer Saskia Stäuble, known professionally as “Dusty,” (singer of “Dust of Soul”) leads the audience into the workshop with music breathing.

Part 2

Intuitive Music Reading

Every Music Souling workshop begins with an “Intuitive Music Reading” for the group. Dust of Soul begin with their intuitive way of “reading” the energy of everyone present and the room as a group and immediately reflecting it in a vocal-piano musical performance (“Intuitive Music Reading”). Through the reading, participants can open their hearts and connect with themselves.

Part 3

Souling experience

The safe and intimate setting of this workshop allows participants to connect with themselves through music. Each workshop includes a unique set of three songs that build a three-step healing process. Singer Dusty and pianist MiKey play intuitively based on the original compositions. The vibrations throughout the body lead participants to really deep insights that they are encouraged to write down. In conclusion, pianist MiKey fuses all three song energies by bringing them together in an intuitive piano performance.

Part 4

Chakra balancing

After the souling experience, Dust of Soul teaches participants a simple yet profound strategy of interpreting the notes taken. This process leads participants to blockages in the chakras. Everyone receives advice on how to strengthen themselves on their current path and overcome fears and challenges to move on in life.



Activate Your Positive Power

Music Souling – music-inspiring experience “Believe”: Believe in yourself and get started. 

But how do we manage to transform the feeling of “lost” into “belief in yourself”? Where does our faith come from and how can we strengthen its core vibration?

Dust of Soul created this “Believe” workshop to help you find the courage to believe in yourself.


Master Your Fears

Music Souling – music-inspiring experience “Victory”: Overcome your fears for your inner victory.

What are your fears? In what area of your life do they appear?

Dust of Soul created this “Light” workshop to help you connect with your positive victory energy and activate their own flow. Because to find your flow, you have to accept yourself.


Shine Your Inner Light

Music Souling – music-inspiring experience “Light”: Ignite your inner light and shine.

Why are you here? At the moment? What relationships do you have with people, with life? What relationship do you have with yourself?

Dust of Soul created this “Light” workshop to help you connect with your positive light energy and experience the purpose of their relationship and its impact on life, ultimately realizing the power of choice you have. Because only you can ignite your inner light.

Suitcase Memories

Find Your Anchor

Music Souling – music-inspiring experience “Suitcase Memories”: Follow your inner call and find your anchor.

What if you lose connection with yourself? What if the hustle and bustle of everyday life swallows your hope and positivity?

Dust of Soul created this workshop “Suitcase Memories” to help you find and connect with your core. Once you can feel it, you can set an anchor. Since you are your own anchor, nothing is external. Follow your call from within and let the music lead you there.


Manifest Your Success

Music Souling – music-inspiring experience “Unstoppable”: Create your wonderland and become unstoppable.

What if you are trapped in your mind? What filter creates the perfect selfie? What if your best is not good enough?

Dust of Soul created this workshop “Unstoppable” to help you find access to your own Wonderland. Because you need your individuality and uniqueness to be good enough for yourself. Do not wait for tomorrow, become unstoppable today!

“It’s really super unique, super new and super popular.”

«This group takes a unique path to music. When they come on stage they make inspirational and improvisational music. They have their songs, but they also interact with the audience and feel the energy of the audience – something they call “Music Souling” so that they can express their music in a way that comes naturally to them throughout their concerts. Their mission is to connect music with healing. It’s really super unique, super new and super popular.»

— Jeffrey Segal, founder of “Mystic Journey Bookstore” and “Mystic Journey Crystals” in Los Angeles

“Use the positive power of music to help people to believe.”

«The music duo developed “Music Souling” in order to use the positive power of music to help people to believe in themselves and get started.»

— Stefan Kämpfen, chief in editor at “Luzerner Rundschau” in Switzerland

“Dusty & MiKey bring the audience into the here and now.”

«Hectic, exhausted, charged – Dusty and MiKey take these emotions, spontaneously transform them into music and thus bring the audience into the here and now of the concert. This “music souling” moves some to tears.»

— Birke Luu, chief in editor at “Neue Fricktaler Zeitung” in Switzerland

Schedule a workshop

Intuitive Music & Healing Wellness Experience
(15 – 35 participants)

1 hour 30 minutes

CHF 54.00 / USD 63.00 per person

Benefits for each participant
  • “Intuitive Music Reading” with the group in the dedicated space (energy reading and instant reflection in a musical performance by Dust of Soul as a group in vocals and piano). Together we will create a unified soul song connecting all our hearts and raise the vibration for healing.
  • Personal notes from Music Souling
  • Booklet with songs to work with
  • Each participant receives practical advice to strengthen your chakra(s) the music vibrated in

Latest event

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Dust of Soul offer the workshop “Music Souling” (Intuitive Music Workshop) exclusively at chosen venues and studios.

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